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Thursday, December 22, 2016

How To Make Crab Curry ( କଙ୍କଡ଼ା ତରକାରୀ)

Ingredients Required :

1) Crab - 1 Kg ( Prefer medium size of 200gm each )
2) Onion- 200gm
3) Mustard oil- 200gm
4) Ginger- 80gm
5) Garlic- 80gm
6) Red chilly- 5-6 pieces
7) Tomato- 1 big size
8) Coriander leaves- 2 spoon
9) Potato- 4-5 medium size
10) Arum- 2 medium size
11) Black pepper- 1/2 spoon
12) Cinnamon - 1 stick
13) Fennel seeds- 1/2 spoon
14) Coriander powder- 1.5 spoon
15) Cumin powder- 1 spoon
16) Garam masala- 1 spoon
17) Turmeric powder- 1 spoon
18) Red chilly powder- 1/2 spoon
19) Meat masala- 1 spoon
20) Salt- Accordingly

Preparation : Step wise :

Wash all the crabs thoroughly. Tear apart its cover from the main body. Mix salt and turmeric powder well in it.
Heat oil in a kadhai . Add the crabs.

Fry for around 8-10 minutes .Add oil again in the kadhai.
Add potato and arum .Fry for 5 minutes in low flame. Put it aside.
Now add ginger, garlic, chilies, onions, pepper into a mixer jar and make a smooth paste of it.Add oil again. Heat it.
Add the fennel seeds,cinnamon stick and bay leaves.
Now add the masala from the mixer jar. Add Coriander, cumin, red chilly & turmeric powder into it.
Cook it until the raw flavor goes away.
Now add tomatoes into it. Cook again for 3-4 minutes.
Now add the fried crabs, potatoes, meat masala & the masala batter into a pressure cooker.
Add 4 cups of water and salt according to your taste.
Set the cooker on high flame for 4-5 minutes . Put it out of the gas burner and wait for the pressure to release.
Add the garam masala powder and sprinkle coriander leaves.

Serve Hot With Steamed Rice.

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