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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Audio Release Of Odia Film Agastya Of Anubhav, Akash And Jhillik

Bhubaneswar saw an exclusive music release of Anubhav’s upcoming Rajo flick “Agastya” at a city hotel here on Saturday. Produced by well-known NRI businessman Akshay Parija and directed by renowned Odia Film Director K. Murali Krishna, “Agastya” was launched with the posters and promotional teasers along with the ritualistic unveiling of the Music CD.
A live performance by Ananya and the film’s singers and musicians enthralled the audience.
In a move to ensure the film’s music reaches a larger audience in a more organised manner, Amara Muzik has acquired the film’s music rights and will promote it accordingly on the digital platform. "We are very happy to be associated with Akshay Parija Productions. This our first direct venture with AKP, we cherish and hope for a long lasting relationship ahead." said Rajkumar Singh VP Amara Muzik. 

Human, Sricharan, Satayajit, Sangram, Bishnu, Asutosh Mohanty, Tarikh Ajij and Pragnya have also lent their voice while Arun Mantry, Subrata Swain and Prem Anand have penned down the songs.

Apart from bringing together Ollywood’s two leading actors Anubhav and Akash Das Nayak with actress Jhilik in the lead, the film also boasts of screen stealing presence from veteran actors like Mihir Das, Priyanka Patnaik, Minaketan, Manoj Mishra, Munna Sethi, Salil Mishra. Another heavyweight in this movie is its DOP Pratap Rout who has worked extensively in regional and Bollywood cinemas.

Audio Relese Of Odia Film Agastya :

Songs Of Odia Film Agastya Details :

Song Name                                  Singer                          Lyrics

Agastya                                Humane Sagar, Sricharan,                  Arun Mantry            
                                        Satayajeet Pradhan, Sangram,                                       
                                    Bishnu Mohan Kabi, Asutosh Mohanty,
                                                     Tarikh ajij 

Dhire Dhire Bhala Paigali             Humane Sagar,                          Subrata Swain
                                             Ananya Sritam Nanda

Rama Rama E Jhia Ta          Pragnya Hota, Aryan Das,                       Arun Mantry
                                        Asutosh Mohanty, Humane Sagar

Tipi Tipi barsha topa            Ananya Sritam Nanda                           Subrata Swain

Dhire Dhire -Sad Version       Ananya Sritam Nanda, Humane Sagar        Prem Anand

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